Coconut shell to grow vegetables, ornamental flowers

With a little ingenuity, patience, the discarded coconut shells turn into vegetable baskets and fancy ornamental flowers full of creativity and aesthetics.
With the space getting more and more cramped today, when your land area does not have enough room to plant a vegetable garden or ornamental plant flower garden, you should immediately think about planting a garden on the terrace or making small flower gardens on the balcony. public. With a narrow space in a townhouse, having a small garden on the terrace makes our house not only beautiful but also an ideal place to relax after a working day.

To have a rooftop vegetable garden as you like, depending on your financial situation and available area, you can choose a package design service or design your own according to your ability. Coconut shell for growing vegetables, ornamental flowers is the purpose of this article.
How to make a coconut shell to grow vegetables
Old coconut, after being peeled off, the shell is used as a plant potted plant. This pot type from coconut holds moisture well, stimulates the tree to quickly root … suitable for growing vegetables and ornamental flowers of all kinds.

The zinc hanger consists of 03 zinc wires hooked to the shell of a coconut, dividing the circumference of the mouth of the coconut into 03 equal parts, creating a balance so that when hanging the pot, it does not tilt, park or fall. In addition to zinc hanger can also use plastic hangers or other types of hooks.
This coconut-shell planter pots are both creative and create an environmentally friendly image, reducing the edges of the concreted townhouse design. The substrate to grow potted plants in this style is optional, which can be coir mixed with a little vermi-compost for short-term vegetables (vegetables grown 15 to 20 days to harvest), or choose the clean, porous soil provided. available in the market for ornamental flowers, other green vegetables.
These Dendro orchids grow very well in coconut-shell pots, because these pots have good moisturizing properties, which are the right environment for orchid roots to grow.

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