Flower basket is 30cm (12’in) in diameter

product code: MK003

– 30cm x 30cm x 14cm
– 3 chains 40cm long, powder coated

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Mô tả

Wide Applicability: The hanging basket can be used for porch, garden, terrace, pergola, swimming pool area, balcony, roof, terrace, charming outdoor/interior decorations of florist, it can keep plants away from the ground, save space while protecting plants . The traditional hanging basket can add a simple atmosphere. It can also be given to friends as a classic gift.

Coconut Fiber Lining: The hanging basket lining is made of coconut palm fiber, which is environmentally friendly and durable. The dry pure plant lining conforms to the environmental protection concept. The compact compaction process makes the coconut palm material more durable.The fiber lining can provide excellent drainage and ventilation for planting, and promote the full and healthy development of plants with deep depth and abundant root system.

Plant hanging baskets for all your plantings, you can plant small leaves of violets, petunias, helichrysum, marguerite, vines, ferns, herbs, people Making flowers, etc.,the use is convenient and simple.

🌺MULTIPLE OCCASIONS: The classic country-style design can add a vintage and elegant atmosphere to your house, garden, terrace, balcony, wall, door and window, wedding scene or anywhere

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